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Sometimes, you must develop an app that interacts with the database in some private network. Your development server can’t access the database (in this case, MySQL) directly because it lies in another private network. To access it, you must access another server with public IP first in that private network…

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The standard to determine how good your model performance is very important. One of the standard we commonly use for regression case is Root Mean Absolute Error (MAE). We will use MAE for the rest of this article.

The standard depends on the case we modeled. First, the standard depends…

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A Temporal Convolutional Network (TCN) is a neural network that specializes in tackling a sequence data problem. It’s an alternative choice other than Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) or Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) or another Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) that tackles the same problem. What is different or special about…

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Wind Shear is a wind that suddenly changes in speed and/or direction. I already discussed a lot about wind shear in my previous post. One of the many tools that can detect wind shear is Doppler Radar. Doppler Radar utilizes the doppler effect to calculate the wind around it. But…

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Rawin Sonde Observation Program (RAOB) is a staple software to process upper-air data for meteorologists. Meteorologists use this to plot the local atmospheric profile and to obtain stability indexes of the local atmosphere to help them to forecast the weather. Most of the time, we need to process these index…

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First, we must understand what is invariant and moment separately? In image processing, the invariant (I) is a property of the image (a function in this context) that will not change or just change a little if we transform (rotated, scaled, blurred, etc) the image.

If D is a degradation…

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